Set amongst the peaceful tranquillity of an open field landscape, Carr Farm boasts an ideal scenic location which is a constant reminder of the areas natural beauty. Over the past few years we have been making great strides towards reducing our carbon footprint


Our cardboard & plastic waste is put in a large collector, where it is stored to be collected and is then sent off for recycling.


At Carr Farm, we have been reusing plant trays and cardboard boxes to reduce the number of carrier bags customers use for over 20 years. 


Since 2015, we have planted hundreds of Willow & Poplar trees around the site, which draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as carbon as they grow.


in 2015 Carr Farm swapped to the primary source of heating to a renewable source of wood pellets, the pellets are used in 6 heaters around the garden centre which heat the majority of the retail space.


Our main electricity tarriff by supplier Shell is sourced 100% from renewable sources, whilst in Spring 2023 we also invested in our own solar panel installation. We have also been upgrading all the lighting through the site to LEDs.


Most of our directors now drive electric vehicles & we hope to make it more convenient for customers who drive them too, with planned installation of 22kw charging units on the front of the Gift & Home building,

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This innovative scheme addresses a key issue that gardeners face: what to do with the single use plastic from compost bags – at the same time as creating a positive initiative for garden centres.
The initiative aims to save 70% of CO2 emissions associated with the production of new plastic. It aims to recycle an estimated 40 million bags, diverting them from landfill and using them to make garden furniture amongst other things.

Compost Bag Recycling Scheme

You will see recycling bins promoting the initiative and we hope that as many customers as possible will participate. Once the bags are collected, they will be sent to a specialist recycling plant where all the pellets produced will be made into garden furniture that will be donated to a Greenfingers children’s hospice garden

Plan your day trip to Wirrals family Garden Centre

Solar panels

  • 60 - 405w Solar Panels
  • Installed in March 2023
  • South facing for maximum exposure
  • 24.3kwh peak production
  • Estimated 24,000 KWH of electricity per year produced
  • Reduction of nearly 5 tonnes of carbon emissions


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