Evergreen Super Seed 33m2

Evergreen Super Seed 33m2

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The ultimate 3 in 1 blend of seed, feed and soil enricher to give you a thicker denser lawn

1 High Performance Grass Seed

Contains regenerating perennial ryegrass to create a thick and tough lawn.

2 Controlled Release Fertiliser

Controlled release nitrogen to help establish the seedlings.

3 Soil Enricher

Calcium rich mineral to re-balance the soil nutrient levels.

The 'Super' Seed

Miracle-Gro® Super Seed contains a specially selected variety of perennial ryegrass that regenerates and spreads by itself to create a thicker denser lawn.

This special seed combined with slow release lawn food and soil enricher makes it the ultimate seeding solution for growing new lawns, thickening thin lawns or repairing patches. 

Covers approx 33m2

UK Fertiliser Declaration

Nitrogenuous fertiliser 6-0-0 (urea):

Nitrogen (N) total 6.0%

RoI Fertiliser Declaration

Low nutrient urea type fertiliser 6-0-0:

Nitrogen (N) total 6.0%

Ureic Nitrogen (N) 6.0%

66.6% (666g) seed

16.7% (167g) feed (poly-S NPK 38-0-0)

16.7% (167g) gypsum

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Made under licence from OMS Investments, Inc.

Miracle-Gro® is the trademarks of OMS Investments, Inc.

The ultimate seeding solution

Thicker, denser lawn

Child & pet friendly

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